Opportunities for Lent

We are joining with our friends from Soham and Wicken Methodist Churches during Lent 2017 to host a number of (friendly and relaxed!) Lent Groups, and a series of evening sessions entitled 'Exploring Prayer'.

Lent Groups:

Most of the groups will be looking at 'All Loves Excelling', which has been produced by the Diocese of Ely (lent17-all-loves-excelling-studies-in-the-letter-to-the-philippians-january-2017). The Wednesday evening group meeting in Wicken will offer a Scripture Union course.

Groups will meet weekly for 5 weeks, beginning in the week beginning 5 March. Groups work best if their members come to all the sessions, but if you need to miss the odd week, or dip into another group once in a while, that will be fine. Here are the groups on offer:

Tues. 10am at 5 Millcroft, Soham ‘All Loves Excelling’

Tues 10.30am at 15 the Crescent, Wicken: ‘All Loves Excelling’

Wed. 7.30pm at 39 High St., Wicken: ‘From the Ram to the Lamb’

Wed. 7.30pm at 27 The Oaks, Soham: ‘All Loves Excelling’

Thurs. 11am in St Andrew’s Church, Soham: ‘All Loves Excelling’

Everyone is welcome to join in!

Exploring Prayer:

Mondays: 7.30pm refreshments for 7.45pm start at Millbrook House lounge, Soham.


Monday 6 March: Noticing God in all things

Monday 13 March: Praying with Scripture 1 - Encounters with Gospel stories

Monday 20 March: Praying with Scripture 2 -

‘Holy Reading’

Monday 27 March: Eyes wide open!

Monday 3 April: Prayer with music

For all pray-ers, experienced and beginners, who want to learn more


For more details please contact Ruth Dennigan: 01353 725152 / ruthdennigan@talktalk.net











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